Do I need an attorney?

For most people, absolutely an attorney is critical. Why/ Because law is complex and one small mistake can make all the difference.


How expensive are you?

This is tough to answer as it varies case by case. Your case may require 2 hours of work or 200. It is generally more than $500 and can be up to $10,000. An average client probably pays about $1500.


Why are attorneys so expensive? I have trouble paying because I am from another country.

It can be frustrating to pay so much for an attorney. The reason why attorneys seem expensive is because there are years and years of training and what we can do in 1 hour it might take you 30 hours to do. Most people technically could do the work we do, if they had years to get the work done. However, when it comes to citizenship, most people understand the benefits of US Citizenship far outweigh the small cost of an attorney.