right-597134_640One of the most frequently asked questions immigrants have involves obtaining a Social Security number. Many are not quite sure if they actually need one, and are even more confused about how to get one. Here are some guidelines immigrants can use in order to make the right decision.

Noncitizens must receive permission from the Department of Homeland Security to legally work in the United States. Those who plan to work must have a Social Security number before doing so. A Social Security number will help individuals record their income for tax purposes, and will also go a long way toward determining their eligibility for benefits later.

Those who do not plan on working in the United States are not required to obtain a Social Security number. Immigrants can easily go to school here and obtain a driver’s license without such a number. Even so, these individuals may find it difficult to obtain loans, since most financial information is directly tied to one’s Social Security number.

When applying for a Social Security number, immigrants will need proof of immigration status in addition to documents that prove their identity. All documents must be original copies or certified original copies. Those who plan to work inside the United States should also provide authorization from the Department of Homeland Security showing they have been approved to do so.

Applying for a Social Security card is something most immigrants can easily do on their own. Those who do need assistance can obtain it from the Social Security Administration or from a Denver immigration attorney.