right-597134_640The debate over immigration reform has prompted one group to ask legal immigrants what they think about amnesty. Heritage Action for America recently polled some naturalized citizens, and received some very surprising answers.

Virginia Proden is a lawyer from Russia who came to the United States for religious freedom. She remarked, “You’re not going to get people to obey the law if you don’t hold them accountable.” Prodan also claims that granting amnesty would “change the culture of the United States” but did not elaborate as to how.

Jose Aldana is originally from Guatemala, and currently holds a doctorate in chemistry. When asked about amnesty, he remarked, “what makes my case the most interesting-I didn’t have any sponsorship, no relatives, no sponsor, no amnesty. I am here based solely on my own merit.” He also expressed concerns that employers will no longer want to hire legal immigrants if there is an abundant pool of illegal immigrants from which to choose from.

Octavio Sanchez, a legal immigrant from Mexico would prefer the government deal with the root of the problem rather than the effects of it. As such, he thinks the government should do more to secure the border and promote legal immigration rather than simply granting amnesty.

According to Heritage Action, those who have approached the immigration process legally are among some of the staunchest opponents of amnesty. They claim that legal immigrants are also concerned about the plight of the 4.4 million people who are waiting to come here lawfully. This group is hoping the voices of these immigrants can be heard in Washington.