info-803717_640The naturalization interview is one of the final steps toward obtaining citizenship. As such, it’s important for applicants to be properly prepared and ensure that everything goes well. Here are a few tips potential citizens can use to help them put their best foot forward during this meeting.

It can be helpful for those who speak English as a second language to brush up on their skills. Showing proficiency in the English language is required before citizenship can be granted. An individual’s English skills do not have to be perfect, but he or she should nonetheless be able to read and write simple sentences and perform basic verbal communications to be considered.

The N-400 application should be scrutinized carefully to make sure that all the information contained in it is still accurate. If there have been any changes, the applicant should attempt to find documentation that would validate any changes. The interview letter may have requested certain documents be brought to an interview, in which case these items should be accumulated also.

Candidates should be sure they know when and where an interview will take place. If possible, they should drive to that location a day or two in advance at around the same time they plan to travel when heading to the interview. This will give people a better idea as to what traffic is like during certain time of the day.

Proper planning is essential for any interview, to include one for naturalization. Most who do take the time to plan find it greatly enhances their odds of success.